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RC’s Tour VS driver features a classic design that appeals to professionals and low handicap players. The Tour VS driver was engineered with a 425cc clubhead to minimize air resistance, thus decreasing drag and producing increased swing speeds. This is a driver designed for those who demand confidence, control, and workability off the tee.
The Tour VS Driver also features a cold forged 6-4 Titanium square club face which produces both a solid, yet soft feel at impact and an extremely high initial ball speeds and low spin rates for strong players.
RC’s patented Driving Cavity™ sole design optimizes the club’s center of gravity to produce drives with an optimum launch angle, penetrating trajectory, and great distance. The Tour VS features UST’s ATTAS T2 as its stock shaft to maximize distance and accuracy. The Tour VS Driver represents the ultimate combination of beauty, engineering, and technology for the today’s strongest players.

Features (For Drivers and Fairway Woods)

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