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JP104 FH
RC’s JP 104 FH (Fairway Hybrid) blends the high launch characteristics of fairway woods with the accuracy and playability of hybrid clubs. The club’s shaft measures one inch shorter than typical fairway woods with the same lofts for improved distance, control, and consistency. The .335 hosel diameter, as well as the clean and compact fairway wood-like profile of this club, appeals to golfers who do not favor traditional hybrids.
Boasting a high trajectory for maximum distance and shots that land softly, the uniquely designed JP 104 FH is the perfect choice for golfers taking dead aim at the flag or specific sections of the fairway.
The JP 104’s sole features a modified version of RC’s signature and patented Driving Cavity technology. Its slightly raised parallel rails are designed and positioned to improve the clubhead’s interaction with the turf from even the toughest of lies. The JP 104 FH has established itself as the unsurpassed choice of a hybrid for versatility, good looks, and performance.

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