CB-501 Irons
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Trajectory of a Blade, Forgiveness of a Cavity-Back
When the CB-501 was in development, our goal was to combine the best features from our favorite Miura irons, both past and present. Mr. Miura was striving for the ideal ball flight; enough offset to promote playability, the perfect head size, and a sole grind that would accommodate a broad range of players.

With a sole grind that appeals to the Tour Player, the 501 also possesses a design that will
appeal to all levels of golfers.

"sweet spot" muscle back will deliver a ball flight with the trajectory of a blade.

This style of iron also offers cavity-back forgiveness, as the contact point moves away from the center of the face.

We spent two years integrating these design variables in different ways until we found the blend that worked best for the widest range of golfers.
  • Mild steel
  • W Nickel (Satin) Chrome finish
  • .355 hosel diameter
  • Precision forging my Miura
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