PP "Straight Neck" - 9003 Irons
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The new Passing Point Straight Neck offers the same award-winning design as the original Passing Point irons, with less offset. Miura has closed the gap with heads that can be fit to any player.
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Less offset than the regular Passing Point irons.

Passing Point
There is a passing point...when you pass from acquaintance to friend, from novice to serious student -- from casual golfer to committed competitor.

Your golf clubs can have a
passing point, too -- a new level, where they become more than just 14 tools in a bag. They become friends in their own right.

“What does the term ‘friendly’ mean in a golf club?” This is the question Shinei and Yoshitaka Miura -- sons of company founder Katsuhiro Miura -- asked themselves as they designed the new forged Passing Point 9003 iron. The answer to their question is a club of surpassing utility, ease of play, and yes --

As they develop and mature in the game, golfers face a long list of challenges. The Miura sons maintain that a friendly club doesn’t force the player into positions and make quick corrections, but rather helps each player reach his or her potential.

In the MIURA tradition of melding functional golf design with an artistic eye, Shinei and Yoshitaka crafted a wider sole to help with
effective turf interaction. Yet the sole takes an elegant shape that doesn’t look oversized. Likewise, the offset is designed to flow naturally into the club head to preserve a confident look at address, but still benefit players who need some help squaring the club face at impact.

The throughly researched and tested PP-9003 design places the center of gravity low for a high, soft-landing flight that still holds its line and never balloons.

And as with all MIURA clubs, the weight and balance are obsessively consistent throughout the set.

“The Passing Point brand pursues usability and performance as the core fundamental tools,” Shinei says. “We believe the strong usability and performance can make it easier to plan each shot and help each golfer use his skills to the fullest,” Yoshitaka adds.

Positioned as a stepping stone to the MIURA clubs intended for better players, Passing Point is MIURA’s way of reaching out to 
all golfers. Anyone who plays the game deserves a great forged club -- and Passing Point is the newest place to begin that eternal journey towards golf excellence."

  • Timeless Miura styling. Peerless Miura performance
  • High-density impact area for maximum feel and power
  • Leading edge specially engineered to help the player make solid contact
  • Forged cavity-back construction offers solid feel with perimeter-weighted forgiveness
  • Sole designed to glide confidently through the turf
  • Easy-to-aim shape helps players square the face at impact
  • Miura's "Welcome to golfers"
  • If you thing the visual impact is strong, wait until you hit it

  • Low-carbon, Premium steel
  • W Nickel (Satin) finish
  • .355 hosel diameter
  • Precision forging my Miura
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